Monday, September 6, 2010

Christmas Quilt

I loved the colors and the quilting on  this Christmas quilt I saw at a show this weekend. I only got a close up of it for some reason.
My cousin Sandi and 2 of her daughters came for a weekend visit. We started Saturday with a stop at Quilt King (or King's) in Liberty to add to our fabric stash (GREAT prices you can't beat!) We are both working on the Africian quilt with animal prints. Next stop was at Sunny Valley (it will always be Nolt's to me) on South Fork, a nice drive thru the Mennonite community. Next we got into Somerset for KFC and went to Trinity Springs Park for a picnic. We used our picnic quilts made in the first Quilt Club project.(May/June '10) I forgot to take a picture! : (
Next stop was the Quilt Show of the Little Mountains in Monticello. Next stop was Linda's Quilt Shop. We got more fabric. Sandi added to her civil war prints. I picked up a sock monkey print for a baby quilt I need to have completed asap! I also found a hiking boot print. My hiking and geocaching "name" is to go boots : ).
Last stop for the day ( and we were about shopped out) was Paul's Discount back in Somerset. They have a WONDERFUL assortment of fabric at great prices. I picked up some halloween prints and Sandi almost had to fight for Batiks. : )
We finally made it home to collapse and plan our next outing next weekend. We have a long list of projects to finish and new ones to start but a girl has to plan a prepare for the winter 'cause you might get stuck home and ........I'm just saying..........
I also liked this quilt at the show...

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