Sunday, August 8, 2010

new hobby...

sewing machine repair-rrrrrrrrr
yesterday I acquired a cute little green machine. not the cleaning kind : ) that is so not me.
it is a sewing machine. a Singer 285k. needs some work so I thought. I would attempt to work on
it after watching a video on a new blog I found. Brian helped me get started even tho he didn't
know. after taking the bottom off like Brian said to do I was still a bit lost. I decided to email
him for advice but saw my first problem! no belt! after I find a belt I will go to the next step even
tho Brians blog says it is one of the worst Singer machines made. : P my luck. BUT I only gave
$3 for it and it can just look "cute" in my sewing room with the dozen or so in my collection.
(hubby says the belt will cost $20 : P )
oh and here is Brian's blog...on a bad seed

and a picture of the little green Singer 285k
(not to be confused with the 185)

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