Friday, May 21, 2010

My Story...

The reason I love quilts is because I know there is a story behind the quilt.
Old and tattered with love and service.
Quilts are like a journal or a blog itself. An unspoken or an unwritten story.
I want a story to go with my quilts.
I feel old and tattered. Does that mean I have have shown love and service?
I am organizing a Quilt Club with Mrs. Cat at the local library and will be teaching classes soon.
I am really excited to do this.
Maybe I have a story. Or will one day.

The quilt in this picture was made by my great grandmother "Mom Grant" in the 1930 or 40's. It is called "feathered star" I think. My mind wanders with the story it has and will have...and of course the stories the quilts I am making will have.

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